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Our company

ATIPICK is the leading company devoted to supplying multidisciplinary sports equipment. We focus on specialized multisport sale outlets, both retail and wholesale.

Being ATIPICK firmly stablished in the Spanish market, we feel very proud of our international presence growing steadly over recent years.

Our wide range of equality products is designed in Barcelona and produced under our own manufacturing processes. Only like this we can reach our customer’s expectations providing a just-in-time response based on our permanent stocks.

We are strong in offering a personalised service. This is our main competitive advantage. We identify the customer’s needs to design a tailor-made plan, working hand-in-hand to optimize resources to the maximum.

“Our challenge is to gain the customer’s trust, commiting to work hard on simplifying your day-to-day tasks.”

The value of our company is very simple; We interact with our channel in a very personalized, transparent way, with the guarantee of the best rates, the availability of product in quantity and quality within a philosophy of excellence in service.

And our culture of "LESS IS MORE" allows us to care for and pamper our "Atipick Ecosystem" made up of all the people who think and feel that buying at Atipick is not an expense, but an investment that generates healthy habits such as:

  • 1- The healthy habit of security and the guarantee of the best rates
  • 2- The healthy habit of the relationship, the promotion of the channel and the excellence of the service
  • 3- The healthy habit of generating a collaborative economy with our customers
  • 4- The healthy habit of product availability, quality and quantity
  • 5- The healthy habit of ethics, transparency, knowledge and good business.

Being a small company and doing things well allows us a powerful offer of well-cared content and a good pampering of information to be useful to our customers and form an Ecosystem with identity and history.

And we want YOU to be part of our history, of our Healthy ATIPICK ecosystem, passionate about the world of sports and healthy relationships with our customers.

How am I part of the Atipick ecosystem?

"Generate an order for us to meet you and you will receive a welcome letter. "

With your order and your personal assistant we will know more about your business and together we will make an initial diagnosis.

"We will prepare a map of the" Atipick Ecosystem "to establish a habit of healthy, profitable and collaborative relationships. "Win to Win". "

"Click and create a healthy shopping habit"